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Nottingham Choir


  • Location Address: St Marks Woodthorpe: De Vere Gardens, Woodthorpe,
  • Town: Nottingham
  • NG5 4PH


  • Choir Master: Mel Moore and Adrian Moore

Looking for a Choir in Nottingham - why not join one of the choirs that partner with us in the AFO Music Network around the UK, sing Rock, pop and gospel


If you love singing and you are looking for a non-audition gospel choir in Nottingham, then join a recommended network choir.

Sing It Bold and all of the choirs that partner with AFO Music Network offer a fun friendly place you can pursue your love for singing, in weekly workshops run by independent talented leaders who we know are great leaders who will nurture your love for music.

We are very pleased to recommend Sing It Bold in Nottingham. 

Come and join a fun-loving group and be part of a family of choirs.

Just fill in the form and 'Sing It Bold' will be in touch with you to give you further details or to send you your FREE taster date. 


AFO Music network was formed after realising the tried and tested benefits of group singing along with networking with other choirs and we wanted to encourage this. 

At AFO Music Network we personally know all the choir leaders and we often take part in group events with a network of choirs, therefore offering all of the choirs within the network greater opportunities for their members. All of the choirs we partner with are like minded and offer a similar syllabus and value for money. Many choirs also take part in regular events together to give you a bigger experience. We firmly believe we are stronger together and offer the choir member a better experience being part of a network of choirs. 




Please see our Location Map for further details.  



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Available Session/s

Thursday 7.30pm

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