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Who We Are

To decide whether one of our network choirs are for you, here are a few questions and statements to help you establish who we are.

1. Do you LOVE to sing in the shower, into your hairbrush, whilst doing the housework? We would love to meet you!

2. Do you want to meet and socialize with like-minded people?

3. Were you that child who was told by your school teacher you couldn't sing? We want to meet you! "There is no such thing as a bad singer, just a bad listener" (Helen Garnett Our Founder and director)

4. Are you an experienced singer but want to make new friends and would relish a more informal atmosphere? We can nurture your talent and give you a platform*.

5. Do you want to improve your confidence, sense of well- being, feel more positive, receive a natural high?

6. Are you a soloist or a serious singer longing for a less formal atmosphere at your weekly choir sessions? We have all levels of experience within our choirs.

7. Would you Like to sing rock pop soul and gospel?

8. Do you want to take part in GREAT life experiences provided by us?

9. Do you like to raise money for charity, we try to raise funds for many of our performances for our yearly company chosen charities. Our choirs have have raised approx £30000 in 5 years for many charities.

10. Do you want an opportunity to perform on TV with celebrities such as Russell Watson, Steve Harley, Blake, G4, Bazil Meade? With an ever-growing list of supporters, it is so exciting working with such talent.

10. Did you answer yes to ANY of the above? YES, we want to meet you. We think you might want to meet us!

Here is what we do.
Our choirs perform at many of our concerts sometimes in association with various local and national charities, making good things happen. Our choirs have fun week on week. We leave people feeling uplifted recharged and empowered for everyday life. Week after week we hope to provide newfound confidence in our choir members using tried and tested methods of teaching and providing inspiring trained leaders in our weekly sessions.

Our choirs put principle before profit whilst continuing in developing our profile.
The Benefits of being in our choir.
There are so many proven physical and mental health benefits to singing in a choir both in the short-long term and long term. Your self-esteem confidence and well-being will be vastly improved.

How we make it easy for you.
To make your sessions accessible to some of our choirs learn the same material. Many of our networks of choirs have sister choirs so that choirs can perform together and be interchangeable. You never have to miss a session. All of our choirs are run by our trained talented experienced fun tutors.

How we coax the singer out in you.
We will encourage you to perform as it is a powerful motivator and natural endorphins producer and many of our choir members can't wait to do the next gig. At the same time you don't have to gig (and don't worry we will not force you to stand in the front row) The emphasis is in belonging to this very special club and enjoying this fantastically healthy activity and all that you will achieve in belonging! We are sure you will enjoy in being part of this new phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.

Our objective
The object of our organisation is to bring out the fundamental ability to naturally sing through our effective and simple learning techniques and get you ALL singing your hearts out. You will reap the benefits we endorse and create.

The ability to read music is not a requirement just a genuine desire to sing!!! Even if you haven’t sung before, you will be surprised by what you will learn. We will free your voice and if you like your performance skills part of the fun is that this will be taught to all.

How we run our organisation
We are a network of choirs, running an identical termly syllabus in all our sessions. We are offering membership to you in our no audition fun choirs for ALL, regardless of your previous experience.

Our choirs offer weekly singing workshops, all currently all around Yorkshire Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Our organization also provides clients with corporate sing while you work specialists, one-off workshops, and team building packages. We also stage our own high profile events. Our success is shown in how we are expanding and many of our choirs are fully subscribed.

Who We Are

The serious stuff

1. Remember All For One is for ALL, regardless of *age or ability, male or female.

2. All for One Choirs welcomes people of all ages abilities and faiths.

3. We operate in an equal opportunity inclusive environment.

4. We are a business, however, we put principles over profit with our member's well-being at the heart of what we do.

5 .We do not discriminate on the grounds of voice, gender, age, sex, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion nor disability.


We look forward to welcoming you.

*Over 16's only in our adult choirs.

Book a FREE taster today and see if we are for you.

* If you wish to solo you may be required to audition in front of our choir leaders in order to be chosen for solos.

*Please read our terms and conditions.
Thank you.

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