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Membership Fees.

Belonging to your choir is not just a weekly event, it is belonging to a very special club and network that offers so much more than a weekly choir rehearsal.

Here we have listed just some of the benefits of belonging to your local AFO Music network family. Please check with your choir leaders as some of our choirs offer different benefits and fees. (This is the basic fee structure). 

1. You will be under the direction of expert professional time served musicians/vocalists tutors.

2. You are given unlimited access to any of our choir sessions, around our regions...... anytime.

3. You will gain inclusion to many of the FREE events, such as performances and concerts that many of the choirs offer, including some of our own large-scale events.

4. Ongoing, full access to a website with an exclusive members area, with downloads, itineraries newsletters, and wonderful singing resources.

5. You will be given the chance to perform at many of the events that are exclusive to us, past events have included: the chance to sing with celebrities such as Leona Lewis Wayne Woodward, Steve Harley, Blake, Russell Watson to name a few. Singing at football matches and other large events. We have also appeared on TV and radio.

6. You will be part of a professionally managed network of choirs, currently based in multiple locations around Yorkshire Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Our organisation is expertly organised by a team of independent managers, professional musicians, and administration experts, all on hand to make your choirs a wonderful ongoing experience.

7. You may be given the chance to take part in our annual choir exchanges/on tour events, such as Dublin, London, Italy France and other opportunities. Many choirs also offer many other social events such as sing-alongs workshops and inter-choir events.

8. By belonging to our network of choirs you can be part of raising valuable funds for the many charities we support at many events.

9. Many of our network choir have multiple sessions across all of the regions we provide on average 40 standard rehearsals in the year during specific school term time only. (Please note occasionally term times may vary according to your region.

10. We are constantly striving to increase the member's benefits, including exclusive member-only offers. Offering you EVEN MORE.

All of this for £25.00 per month and payable by our easy direct debit plan. (Please check with your local choir leader who will also give you details on their website)

Many of our choirs also have fabulous branded T-shirts for rehearsals and performances. These can be ordered at choir.  We feel it makes life easier for gigging and rehearsing. 

You can Click Here to join us.  

Please note under 18's belonging to our adult choirs do not receive a monthly discount. 

Dates and Term Times

Most of our choir's years run from Sept to Sept during, term time only. 

Please look at your choir's website's members area (when a member) or contact your local choir leader for your full dates.

All of our choirs offer the similar syllabus and are run by our talented experienced leaders. Your membership fee guarantees your place is held for you within your very special choir.

Choirs offer approx 40 sessions per year along with occasional extra rehearsals and events all year round, however, we generally only rehearse during school term times.

If you are unsure or need any further information, just drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

A few more pointers to help you decide if one of our choirs are for you.

When choosing a choir to belong to please remember one size does not fit all.

Research into the kind of events the choir takes part in.

Ask whether there is a huge commitment expected. 

Are you getting value for money with your fees? Many main competitors offer 10 fewer weekly sessions per year and also charge for many of the events that choir members take part in.

Do you love the majority of music you sing week on week? If you love the majority of the material that's great. 

Most of all: does the choir leave you feeling good, uplifted and inspired. 

Membership Fees.

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